Cyclic Voltammetry

Cyclic Voltammetry Experiment Kit 990-00456.  

In this experiment the students are introduced to the basic setup and operation of the Gamry Interface™ 1010 potentiostat, as well as screen-printed electrodes. During the experiment students learn how to setup a Cyclic Voltammetry experiment within the Gamry Instruments Framework™ software. They then determine the redox potential of the analyte (potassium ferricyanide), and perform a study of the scan rate. In analyzing the data, students determine peak heights, then become familiar with the Randles-Ševćik equation and how it is used to determine diffusion coefficients.

What You Get

Included in this kit: 935-00123 Carbon Screen Printed Electrode, pack of 20 (QTY: 1); 988-00051 Cyclic Voltammetry Student Manual (Qty:20).

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What’s Included in Kit #990-00456

935-00123 Carbon SPE
Cyclic Voltammetry Experiment - 1 of 11 experiments available in the new modular Lab course
988-00051 Student Manual

Cyclic Voltammetry Experiment Kit

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