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Laboratory Course
in Electrochemistry

The world is driven by electrochemistry from batteries of portable electronics to self-monitoring glucose meters; from the corrosion of metals on ships and bridges, to signals neurons send and receive in the brain.   This course serves as an introduction to some of the present-day techniques found in modern electrochemistry through experiments performed with a wide array of applications.

Co-Authors of Laboratory Course in Electrochemistry
Authors C.A. Schroll & S. M. Cohen

Laboratory Course
in Electrochemistry

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Lab Manual

Download a sample of the Lab Manuals included in your Laboratory Course in Electrochemistry.

With the purchase of this complete electrochemistry course kit you will receive one teacher’s edition and 20 student edition Lab Books.  In addition, included in the kit is the hardware to perform all 11 electrochemistry experiments for 10 pairs of students.

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Laboratory Course
in Electrochemistry