Electrochemistry Course Instructor’s Kit

Are you ready to get started with the new ‘modular‘ Electrochemistry Course Kit?


Now that you have selected the experiment(s) you are interested in, you will need the ‘Instructor’s Kit’.

This kit includes items needed for the experiments as well as the Teacher’s Manual and an Introduction to Electrochemistry Student Handout.

What the Instructor’s Kit #990-00455 Includes:


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Micro Stirring Part
1 - Micro Stirring Bar Part No. 935-00065
1 - Cuvette Cap Part No. 972-00065
1 - Cuvette Cap Part No. 972-00065
990-00530 Screem Printed Electode Cell Stand
1 – Screen-Printed Electrode Cell Stand Part No. 990-00530
990-00531 Printed Electrode Adapter
1 - Screen-Printed Electrode Adapter for 4 mm Cable Part No. 990-00531
Sample taken from Teacher's Edition of Experimental Electrochemistry Course Text Book
1 - Teacher Edition Lab Manual Part No. 988-00050
Introduction to Electrochemistry
20-Student Introduction Handouts Part No. 988-00064

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