The Electrochemical Lab Manual

Experimental Electrocehmistry Lab Manuals   This electrochemical lab manual is an attempt to introduce the undergraduate, in one semester, to some of the present-day techniques found in modern electrochemistry through hands on experiments. The experiments within the book are designed to be performed in the order presented, but are also distinct so that they can be used individually for the needs of your course.  All data-collection, analysis, and questions are on separate pages from the background and procedure; they may be torn out from the book and handed in with graphs and plots that the student generates. Many analytical techniques of industrial and academic importance are introduced, from cyclic voltammetry to electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. The importance of software-fitting to actual data is stressed. Occasionally we offer a “Bonus Question” to give the student a deeper consideration of the techniques and theory. In the margins we also include some interesting facts about important equations’ namesakes, or other trivia about electrochemical processes. The textbook boasts full-color images of all the equipment, with step-by-step set-up procedures clearly photographed to streamline the students’ work in the laboratory. The inside covers include electrochemical equations, relations, and tables that the student should know and use. Besides the student’s version of the textbook, we offer a separate teacher’s edition, which includes extra notes on preparation of solutions, set-up of equipment, and—of course—sample answers and data to all the questions at the end of each laboratory exercise. The student’s edition is 198 pages, while the teacher’s edition is 210 pages.


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