NACE Liberty Bell Corrosion Course

NACE Liberty Bell Corrosion Course

When: February 6-February 7, 2019

Where: Normandy Farm Hotel and Conference Center
1401 Morris Road Blue Bell, PA 19433

NACE Philadelphia Section
Liberty Bell Corrosion Course

The Liberty Bell Corrosion Course (LBCC) provides systematic and progressive coverage in developing corrosion technology as well as “state of the art” expertise presented by recognized specialists from industry, government, and scholastic areas. The LBCC is actually several independent, concurrent courses that are presented over the scheduled conference period. Each course is a well-designed mix of fundamental and advanced information presented from a practical point of view.

For more information and to register visit the NACE Philadelphia, PA Section web site.

Gamry will be attending,  so register and speak to John about the Laboratory Course in Electrochemistry.

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