Corrosion of Mild Steel

Corrosion of Mild Steel at Different pHs Experiment Kit 990-00466.  

In this experiment students learn how to perform three different types of corrosion experiments: Linear Polarization Resistance, Potentiostatic EIS, and Electrochemical Frequency Modulation, by measuring three mild steel samples at different pH values. Using the data obtained from LPR, EIS, and EFM students determine the Tafel constants, corrosion current, and polarization resistance. With these values they calculate the corrosion rate for mild steel at different pH values.

What You Get

Included in this kit: 820-00141 Samples of mild steel (Qty: 30); 930-00015 Ag/AgCl Reference Electrode (Qty:1); 990-00197 PTC1 Paint Test CellCell Kit (Qty: 1); 988-00061 Corrosion of Mild Steel at different pHs Student Manual (Qty:20)

Corrosion of Mild Steel at Different pHs Experiment Kit

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What’s Included

990-00197 PTC1 Paint Test Cell
930-00015 Ag|AgCl Reference Electrode
988-00061 Student Manual