Microelectrodes Experiment Kit 990-00462.

In this experiment the students use two different working electrodes: macroelectrode and microelectrode. With these two working electrodes they learn the difference between macro-scale linear diffusion and micro-scale convergent diffusion. Students also observe how diffusion affects the shape of a voltammogram, and why the time-scale of an experiment affects the shape of a voltammogram.

What You Get

Included in this kit: 930-00015 Ag/AgCl Reference Electrode (Qty:1); 932-00003 Platinum Working Electrode (Qty:1); 932-00009 10 µm Platinum Microelectrode (Qty:1); 990-00193 Dr. Bob Cell Kit (Qty: 1); 990-00195 Polishing Kit (Qty:1); 988-00057 Microelectrode Student Manual (Qty:20).

Microelectrodes Experiment Kit

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What’s Included

930-00015 Ag|AgCl Reference Electrode
932-00009 Platinum Microlectrode
932-00003 Platinum Working Electrode (Qty:1)
932-00003 Platinum Working Electrode
990-00193 Dr. Bob Cell Kit
990-00193 Dr. Bob Cell Kit
Microelectrodes Experiment Student Manual Lab Course
988-00057 Student Manual

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