Determination of Acetaminophen

Determination of Acetaminophen Experiment Kit 990-00460.  

In this experiment the students use Cyclic Voltammetry to determine the concentration of acetaminophen in a commercial tablet and a commercial elixir. Students then combine data with the rest of the class to determine an average and standard deviation for their analyses. Upon comparing their results to the class as well as the commercially named quantities in the tablet and elixir, the students are expected to discuss possible sources of error in the measurements.

What You Get

Included in this kit is: 935-00124 Platinum Screen Printed Electrode, pack of 20 (QTY: 1); 988-00055 Determination of Acetaminophen Student Manual (Qty:20).

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What’s Included

1 Pack of 20 - : 935-00124 Platinum Screen Printed Electrode
935-00124 Platinum SPE
Determination of Acetaminophen Experiment Student Manual
988-00055 Student Manual

Determination of Acetaminophen Experiment Kit

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