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Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy

Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Experiment Kit 990-00465.   In this experiment students create circuits with resistors and capacitors. They then use these circuits to obtain electrochemical impedance spectroscopy [...]

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Simulations of CV Data

Simulations of Cyclic Voltammetry Data Experiment Kit 990-00461.   In this experiment students are introduced to electrochemical simulations through the use of DigiElch™ Electrochemical Simulation Software. Students [...]

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Cyclic Voltammetry

Cyclic Voltammetry Experiment Kit 990-00456.   In this experiment the students are introduced to the basic setup and operation of the Gamry Interface™ 1010 potentiostat, as [...]

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Working Area of Electrode

Determination of Working Area of an Electrode Experiment Kit 990-00457.   In this experiment the students learn about concentration-distance profiles and how a change in potential at [...]

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Comparison of Pulse Techniques

Comparison of Pulse Techniques Experiment Kit 990-00458.   In this experiment the students are introduced to normal, differential, and square-wave pulse voltammetry techniques. By the end of [...]

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Quantitative Determination of Ions

Determination of Ions by Stripping Voltammetry Experiment Kit 990-00459.   In this experiment the students use the standard addition method to determine lead concentration in unknown samples [...]

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Determination of Acetaminophen

Determination of Acetaminophen Experiment Kit 990-00460.   In this experiment the students use Cyclic Voltammetry to determine the concentration of acetaminophen in a commercial tablet and a [...]

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Microelectrodes Experiment Kit 990-00462. In this experiment the students use two different working electrodes: macroelectrode and microelectrode. With these two working electrodes they learn the difference [...]

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