Corrosion of Mild Steel at different pHs


  • Learn how to perform two different types of corrosion experiments,
  • Obtain Tafel constants, corrosion current, and polarization resistance from polarization
  • Determine the corrosion rates for mild steel at different pHs

Experimental Apparatus

  • Gamry Instruments Interface 1000T potentiostat
  • Gamry Instruments Framework software package installed on a host computer
  • Eurocell electrochemical cell kit (990-00196). Included in the kit are:
    Bridge Tube (930-00045)
    Graphite Counter Electrode (935-00014)
    Gas Bubbler assembly (930-00040, 930-00033)
    Sample Holder assembly (820-00001, 820-00004, 820-000036, 850-00005, 930-00039)
  • Silver-silver chloride reference electrode (Gamry part number 930-00015)
  • pH meter
  • Sample of mild steel (820-00005)

Reagents and Chemicals

  • 0.1 M H2SO4 in deionized water
  • 0.05 M H2SO4 + 0.05 M Na2SO4 in deionized water
  • 0.1 M Na2SO4 in deionized water

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